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Part of solar maintenance involves keeping your battery terminals clean and checking them regularly for corrosion. To prevent corrosion from starting, apply some petroleum jelly or commercial sealant to the terminals.
Twice a year, use a multimeter to check to see what your solar system is outputting, just to make sure it hasn’t drastically dropped from the previous year. If it has, you can then troubleshoot, identify the problem and correct it.
Occasionally, we will perform solar panel maintenance by checking for cracks in the solar panel covers or cells. You never know when wayward airplane parts or a small comet will come flying out of the sky. Ok, it could be a big bird?
Keep your batteries in an environment that is moderate and consistent in temperature. Batteries lose storage capacity at lower temperatures, but at higher temperatures they begin to deteriorate. Ideally, your battery bank should be kept between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Very important for proper solar maintenance.
As part of regular solar power maintenance, charge your batteries fully once every month, in order to equalize all the batteries in your bank and stop weaker batteries from getting any worse. You can check to see if your batteries are fully charged with the use of an amp hour meter.
And finally, a very important part of maintaining a solar system is to check the seals of homemade solar panels for leaks or wear. If necessary, re-seal all water proof seals on the panels with clear, flexible exterior silicone.