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It uses 70% less electricity compared to conventional water heating solutions. It uses electricity only to move heat from one place to another instead of using it to generate heat. This results in 70% less electricity consumption.

Heat pump water heaters have a CoP (Co-efficient of performance) of 4.25*, meaning that the energy produced in the form of hot water is 4.25* time more than that is consumed.

By comparison, electric water heaters have a CoP of less than 1, resulting in heat pump water heaters giving an annual saving of approx. 10,000/-

Key Features

Isolated Safe Condenser: Designed according to European standards, this ensures safety and superior conduction of heat.
High Efficiency Compressor: It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings.

Titanium Enameled Tank: A new technology which uses titanium enamelling for the inner container ensures greater corrosion resistance against hard water.

Magnesium Anode: Protects your water heater and gives it a long life.

Quick Heating: In this option the Water Heater will work in both Heat Pump and Heating Element mode, giving instant hot water.

Intelligent Controller: Temprature and the time when hot water is required can be easily set via smart digital controller.

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