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Racold’s Omega MAX 8 solar water heater has a special Air Release Valve with Vacuum Release function that releases air and avoids vacuum build-up, thus protecting the life of the water tank. This solar water heater ensures dependable performance and high durability with its state-of-the-art features including PUF insulation, Multifunction Safety Valve, and Magnesium Sacrificial Anode thus protecting the tank from corrosion.

Key Features

MAX 8 – High pressure withstanding capacity makes this solar water geyser suitable for pressurized applications.

Multifunction Safety Valve – Multifunction Safety Valve makes this solar water heater the safest with pressure relief, non-return, anti-vacuum and drainage function.

Unique Design – This solar water heater comes with an Italian design screwless collector with textured glass and waterproof collector body with high structural strength for dependable performance and high durability.


Inner container guarantee: 5 years
Collector guarantee: 5 years