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Racold’s Alpha solar water heaters use a high-energy absorption vacuum tube that is over 1800 mm in length. This solar water heating system is designed keeping international standards in mind for optimum energy absorption and high efficiency. This solar water heater has a tank that comes with a 5-year warranty assuring a dependable service. Alpha Plus’s inner tank has a Magnesium Anode which is an excellent sacrificial rod, forming a layer of magnesium on the inner tank to protect it from corrosion.

Key Features

Inox – Specially treated inner container ensures durability and resistance against corrosion.

High Energy Absorption Vacuum Tube – Racold’s Vacuum Tubes are designed keeping international standards in mind, ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency.

Rustproof Body – Alpha Plus has a rustproof outer body that prevents corrosion ensuring a long life for the water heater.


Product: 5 years